A Message From The Dean…

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Dear friends and colleagues,

Thanks to our devoted members, a lot has happened in the last several months regarding the leadership of our chapter, and in planning for future gatherings. As of July 1, and after election ballots were counted,
elected and appointed officers and committee chairs can be viewed here.

Our Pittsburgh Chapter is 100 years strong because of the leadership and dedication of so many of our members. Thanks are due to the nominating committee organized by Sr. Cynthia Pock, and members R. Craig Dobbins, Keith Ferguson, and Joyce Moon Strobel.

Gratitude for faithful service also goes to our outgoing leadership, including Chaz Bowers, Judith Beswick, Keith Ferguson, Jeff Gray, Regina Kettering, Ed Moore, Tyler Randolph, and Justin Wallace. Tyler is the new Dean of the Greensburg Chapter.

I’m sure you have heard “this has been a year like no other!” Now it seems that we need to amend that statement to “these years have been like no other!” The Coronavirus has caused so many adjustments in all facets of our lives. Our chapter has had to revise programming with ever-changing guidelines and restrictions on gathering, always mindful of the health and safety of our members. In spite of many challenges and difficulties, we were able to offer monthly programming throughout the past year.

Over the summer months a program committee has met virtually to plan for the coming year. Even after
meticulous planning and discussion, revisions recently have been necessary. The rise of the new Delta variant again demands masking and social distancing. Churches where we gather for programs have their own guidelines and requirements. Catering companies have changed the way food is served. Many are not able to find employees willing to serve meals. Dinners for our monthly chapter meetings might be possible in the future, but most likely will not be served buffet style. For these reasons, please look for email blasts that will announce changes and special instructions as we proceed.

Thanks to the program committee who planned the coming year: Ben Bates, Chaz Bowers, Christine Clewell,
Ken Danchik, Jeff Gray, Frank Kurtik, Alan Lewis, Sr. Cindy Pock, Tyler Randolph, and Vincent Rone. You can view our upcoming chapter programs here.

Even as I write, several necessary changes are being discussed. Please look for Pipelines articles and email
blasts for clarifications and updates. And please be sure to thank your chapter leaders who have worked diligently to keep our chapter functioning and thriving in these challenging times. We all appreciate your cooperation and support–maybe even a “virtual” pat on the back!


Kenneth Danchik, FAGO