A Message from the Dean

Dear Fellow Guild Members,

We rejoice together as we begin an academic year-long celebration of our beloved chapter’s 100th Anniversary. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we will come together, to the best of our abilities, to celebrate our collective past, present, and future. Just as our chapter weathered the Spanish Flu immediately prior to its establishment over 100 years ago, we too will
weather this storm.

At the June meeting, our executive committee voted on a flexible plan that will allow members to make their own decisions about whether they would like to attend our monthly meetings in-person or via livestream. The program committee, under the leadership of Ken Danchik, proposed an exciting hybrid year of both in-person/live-streamed meetings plus two all digital meetings. My sincerest thanks goes to the members of the executive board and the program committee for their hard work. In the face of fear,  uncertainty, and conflict, they rose to the occasion to present a plan that is both exciting, innovative, and, most importantly, safe.

For those who elect to attend meetings in-person, please be aware that we will be following restrictions set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the State, as well as the church or venue for the meeting. This means that we will all be required to wear a mask and physically distance as much as possible. For this reason, we are not planning to have dinners at this time, and in-person attendees will have to register in advance and sign a waiver (see page 4-5 for waiver and meeting information.) I know that this is inconvenient. I am sorry for that, but for those who are craving to go to a musical event safely, it is a small price to pay.

The September and October meetings will be purely virtual, but the rest of the year will feature hybrid in-person/virtual programming. An overview for the September meeting can be found here as well as information on how to log into YouTube to make comments for the meeting. Our executive board approved the appointment of Jon Tyillian and Aaron Sproul as co coordinators of technology for a one-year term, as they will manage the technology for our meeting. Additionally, Regina Kettering will moderate our YouTube page during the meeting and assist members who have trouble logging on to make comments.

My thanks goes out to Jon Tyillian for developing a logo for our Chapter’s 100th Anniversary. I’ve reached out to Challenge Printing, and they are working on adapting the logo to fit on various commemorative items that will be available for purchase. Ordering information and instructions will be provided in the September newsletter. My thanks also goes to Regina Kettering for her most excellent work on revising the format of our chapter newsletter. This new format is being sent digitally to all of our members, except those who do not have the internet. This (mostly) digital format will save us thousands of dollars each year.

I am pleased to announce that Wayne Earnest expressed his desire to donate his organ and sacred music books and scores to the chapter. He would prefer them not to be sold through the POA book sale, but rather to be kept in a library in order to be accessible to all of our membership. I asked Wayne if he would consider helping us to establish a special section at a local library that could be open to our membership, and Wayne has agreed, with board permission, to begin to pursue that possibility.

Finally, it is already time to think about chapter elections. Sr. Cynthia Pock has graciously agreed to head our Nominating Committee. It has been a joy to be your Dean, although much of the work I wanted to do, especially in regards to recruitment of new members, was unable to happen due to COVID-19. I am extremely grateful to all of you for your gracious support over the tenure of my Deanship. The story isn’t over just yet though, as I greatly look forward to celebrating this milestone year with you.

Happy Anniversary!
Chaz Bowers