A Message from the Dean…

Dear Fellow Guild Members,

Did you enjoy the March “radio” meeting? I surely did! Our sincerest thanks goes out to Jim Cunningham and WQED Radio, sponsored by the Pittsburgh Foundation, for showcasing our Pittsburgh Chapter in its 100th year. What a treat it was to hear recordings both new and old of some of Pittsburgh’s most iconic instruments. It was a real treat for me to hear Jean Langlais play at St. Bernard’s in 1963, only two years after the completion of the instrument. Wow! Our collective thanks goes out to our Sub Dean, Ken Danchik, for compiling the recordings for this program, to those who assisted him in that effort, and to those, living and deceased, who honored our chapter with their beautiful playing.

The April meeting will be the first meeting in over a year that will be in person. Please see Ken’s article for more details. A year ago, our lives totally changed. I remember thinking we may miss one or possibly two meetings. Who knew it could be a year? But now, as more and more receive their vaccinations, we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. More churches are gathering in person and others are beginning to discuss their reopening. Likewise, we are excited to see you soon. Our April host, Dr. Neil Starhurski and the Church of the Assumption offers a large nave for us to gather in. We will need to wear masks and be socially distanced for the safety of all and to honor the wishes of our host. If you are comfortable joining us in person, we would love to see you there! Imagine how good it will be to hear live organ music at a guild event. I can’t wait! If you are not comfortable at this time, please tune in online and know that you are in our thoughts. We look forward to the day, soon, when we can come together at a guild event.

Finally, chapter elections are coming up. Ballots will be solely completed through email in May to allow a greater participation and to not disclude our members who are unable to participate due to the continued threat of Covid-19. Thank you for your support of the chapter election process!

Happy Anniversary!
Chaz Bowers