A Message from the Dean

Dear Colleagues,

I recently recorded a very short testimonial on how AGO has complimented my professional development. I titled it “Teachers Friends and Mentors.” I am certain that you have similar stories. For me it began with Wilbur Held, my teacher at Ohio State University, who invited his students to AGO Chapter meetings in Columbus, Ohio introducing us to musicians, music lovers, organs of remarkable diversity and inspiring church music programs and their distinctive leaders. Years later, just before I moved to Pittsburgh from Louisville, Kentucky, I called this Chapter for advice and a description of the local sacred music scene. John Romeri was a fount of information and leads and soon after my arrival we became good friends. In Pittsburgh I met John Walker. He was also a new comer and we became colleagues at Westminster College. I was his department chair. He was my mentor. I learned and continue to learn so much from this wonderful human of masterful musical skills and greatness of heart. It is C. S. Lewis in his work, “The Abolition of Man,” who describes people like Wilbur Held, John Romeri and John Walker as people with “Greatness of Heart.” The great women and men of the American Guild of Organists persist in being our teachers, friends and mentors. Thank you all for what you do and for what you have done. Have a wonderful summer.


Doug Starr