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Next Meeting November 28, 2022, 7:30pm @ Ingomar Methodist Church – Ann Labounsky, PhD, FAGO, Ch.M. and Susan Ferré present “César Franck at 200 – CLICK FOR LIVE STREAM DURING EVENT

A Message From The Dean…

Dear friends and colleagues,

It was great to see so many members in person for our September 26th meeting at the beautiful Community Presbyterian Church of Ben Avon. Autumn was just beginning to awaken with cooler temperatures and hints of color in the massive trees that lined the streets and sidewalks of that elegant community. Our meeting began with beautiful organ playing which was live-streamed to members joining us remotely. Thanks to sub-dean Christine Clewell for organizing the event and for the vision to lead us forward in our next adventure.

The discussion that followed illustrated the great variety of interests to our members. While it is possible that the topics and interests could inspire a chapter program, it is not always possible to find presenters or programs that could be scheduled. For this reason, it seems that local talented and experienced members could lead discussions on particular topics, organized as the discussion warrants.

Please give some thought as to how this could proceed. None of us is looking for extra work, but an informal chat either in person or virtually could inspire an interest or future program. I’ll lead off with a proposal: come and play the Cathedral’s Beckerath Organ. If you have never played this monumental instrument, and would like to play in an informal setting, please contact me. I’m also interested in other topics: pedal technique, ornamentation, and new literature for the organ.

We have so many talented and experienced members. Perhaps we could share our insights in informal settings that would appeal to a small group with similar interests. Finally, please take some time to enjoy this glorious autumn season!


Kenneth Danchik, FAGO