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A Message From The Dean…

Dear friends and colleagues,

I hope you had the opportunity to view our Chapter’s Monday, April 25th virtual program Alleluias
for the Easter Season 2022. This brilliant video showcases our chapter’s many talented organists, choirs, vocalists and instrumentalists, enabling us to see musicians in action, to see beautiful churches, to hear wonderful organs, and to have the opportunity to witness what we may not have been able to attend while we were “on the bench.” Thanks and congratulations to sub-dean Christine Clewell, and to consultant Brandon Mock for his expertise in assembling and editing the program. Special thanks to colleagues who sent video recordings: Russ Weismann, Alan Lewis, Jon Tyillian, Douglas Starr, Christine Clewell, Kevin Clemens, Michael Kearney, Wayne Earnest, Ryan Croyle, Ed Moore, Ethan LaPlaca, (and me).

While we all long for more “normal” chapter gatherings, there may well be a place for this kind of
virtual programming in the future when monthly meeting dates fall close to the busy celebrations of
Christmas and Easter. Speaking of programming–we need your ideas: for presenters, topics, venues, and volunteers to assist with practical matters. Soon sub-dean Christine Clewell will announce plans for a formal planning committee. We also need a person who can coordinate technology for our chapter–to video tape and post monthly meetings, and to be sure that we are using our websites and social media connections to our best advantage.

As we seem to be emerging from two years of Covid complications and readjustments, I want to thank all of you for your understanding and cooperation as your elected and appointed leadership work diligently to keep our great chapter together and functioning. Be assured of my devotion to and admiration for our amazing Pittsburgh chapter. Please be in touch with thoughts and ideas as we journey into brighter days ahead.

Kenneth Danchik, FAGO