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Next Meeting October 24th, 2022, 7:30pm @ Keystone Oaks High School – Peter Krasinki: An Evening of Theater Organ Music

A Message From The Dean…

Dear friends and colleagues,

The ceremonies marking the death of beloved Queen Elizabeth II have reminded the world of the honored place of tradition and dignity, commemorated in the events leading to her funeral at Westminster Abbey. It’s all here: glorious organs, well-trained choirs singing the great British masters, bells, processions, splendid architecture, respectful people. All to honor the memory of a Queen who enjoyed the musical arts, supported the work of musicians, and who was herself a pianist and singer with two honorary degrees in music.

As organists, we are the local custodians of these same noble arts and traditions. May our Guild fellowship inspire us as we strive to keep these dignified traditions alive through worship and the musical arts.


Kenneth Danchik, FAGO